At IQtech, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an innovative, reliable, and cost-effective business partner in the field of electrical engineering, industrial automation, telematics, ICT, and assembly. With a passion for technology and quality, we carry out the design and realization process optimally and according to your wishes.

We deliver quality to our partners

At IQtech, we guarantee excellent service and fast worldwide delivery times. We design and build switchgear and instrumentation cabinets (including hardware and software) for clients in both the maritime and production sectors.

We have the necessary knowledge and expertise in these industries. We invest heavily in new technologies, ensuring that the solutions we provide enjoy the highest possible level of reliability through technical maintenance and support.

In addition to specific installations, you can also rely on us for electronic components, troubleshooting, and modifications to existing electronic installations.

Together with you, we will search for the right solution for the realization of your installation. In doing so, we collaborate with world-renowned suppliers and partners in hydrography, electrical engineering, and measurement and control technology. In short, share your challenges with us, and we would be happy to visit you for an introduction.

Our Services

Engineering & Advice

We lay the foundation for a successful project and work together with you to answer important questions such as: What are your requirements and preferences? What are the environmental conditions of the installation? What choices do we make regarding visualization and cabling?


With our years of knowledge and experience in panel construction and wire/cable assembly, we meet high-quality standards and are flexible to execute your assembly project according to your wishes. Thanks to advanced processes, we are able to assemble projects on both a project-based and serial basis. Additionally, we can offer optional test procedures for the completed assembly. All of this is done at a competitive rate.

Installation & Implementation

Every operational environment has its own guidelines for installation and implementation. From requirements for extreme weather conditions to strict rules regarding stability and safety. Whether it’s within the offshore sector or any other industry, IQtech has the expertise to fulfill these requirements with care.

“Complete electronic installations are designed, delivered, and maintained by us.”

Why IQtech?

High quality

IQtech is an attractive choice for high-quality technical solutions due to our extensive experience, flexibility in meeting customer needs, use of advanced processes, and emphasis on quality assurance.

Fair prices

By strategically sourcing and working directly with manufacturers and distribution centers, we are able to offer fair prices. This enables us to deliver high-quality technical solutions at competitive rates, ensuring our customers get value for their money. That’s why IQtech is the reliable choice for customers seeking solutions that are both cost-effective and top-quality.


We distinguish ourselves through our passion for technical projects. This passion translates into careful attention to detail, creative solutions, and a continuous commitment to exceed customer expectations. We guarantee high-quality and dedicated service.

Our Partners

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