Our Services

Engineering & Advice

With our engineering expertise, we lay the foundation for a successful project. Together with you, we make numerous critical decisions, such as: What are your requirements and preferences? What are the environmental conditions of the installation? What choices do we make regarding visualization and cabling?


Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience in panel construction and wire/cable assembly, we are able to offer high-quality standards, flexibility, and optional test procedures at a competitive rate. Through efficient processes, we are also capable of both project-based and serial assembly in our assembly department.

Installation & Implementation

Every operational environment has its own guidelines for installation and implementation. From requirements to withstand extreme weather conditions to strict regulations regarding stability and safety. Whether it’s in the food industry or the offshore sector, IQtech possesses the expertise to ensure compliance.

Panel construction

IQtech is recognized by many reputable organizations as a reliable and flexible partner for outsourcing panel construction. This applies to both project-based and serial production of control systems.

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