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Here, at IQtech we prioritize innovation, integrity and customer satisfaction. Our goal is clear; to deliver technology solutions that empower our clients to achieve success. With an emphasis on quality and a commitment to understanding your requirements we are dedicated to supporting the growth of your business.

We’re delighted to have you with us at IQtech, where we are fully focused, on ensuring your prosperity.

IQtech strives to provide innovative technological solutions that positively impact the maritime sector. Our vision is to transform complex challenges into opportunities for progress and sustainable growth.

Our adventure, at IQtech began back in 2012 in a loft in Eindhoven with a dream of becoming an trustworthy ally for the dredging, maritime and offshore sectors. Upheld by our core values of honesty, creativity and putting the customer first we have steadily expanded over the years. Presently we take pride in being a supplier offering solutions to businesses of different sizes. Our offerings are relied upon by companies that hold a position, within the industry.

Meet the individuals who make up the core of IQtech. With a variety of skills and a common dedication, to delivering top notch service we are fully devoted to assisting our clients in reaching their objectives. Take a look, at the personalities that drive IQtech forward and learn how our team can assist your company.

Founder of IQtech

Osama Jalaly is the Founder of IQtech. With a background, in Electrical Engineering, Osama brings over 25 years of experience to his position shaping the company’s direction and spearheading growth initiatives.

Prior to establishing IQtech in 2012 Osama held roles at well-known companies refining his skills in electronics engineering. Throughout his career he has shown a dedication to innovation and excellence consistently delivering results that surpass client expectations.

Beyond his endeavors Osama enjoys embracing life’s pleasures like travel,  BBQ and shooting. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The Hague University. Actively seeks opportunities for professional development and advancement.

Feel free to connect with Osama on LinkedIn to discover more about his career journey and insights, into the tech industry.

Meet Sami, our hardworking engineering aide, who brings both skill and enthusiasm to our group. His valuable input plays a role, in IQtech’ s achievements in providing top notch solutions. Sami is responsible for the workshop and logistics!

Our growth has been made possible by collaborating with strategic partners in the industry. These collaborations have enabled us to expand our expertise and deliver advanced solutions.

We also work together with individuals who run their own small businesses and we bring together a team as needed to fulfill your needs.

We maintain the integrity, in all our actions.

We welcome originality. Aim for ongoing progress.

We are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.

We focus on fulfilling customer requirements and surpassing their expectations.

At our company we take pride in offering customized service tailored to your specific needs. You can count on responses and direct communication with our team members.

We prioritize attention by working with a select group of business partners ensuring that each client receives the necessary care and dedication for their project.

Our agility and adaptability as a company allow us to respond quickly to any changes in your requirements providing tailored solutions that align with your evolving needs.

By maintaining bureaucracy, we promote collaboration both within our team and with our clients. Expect coordination and teamwork throughout the project’s duration.

Despite our size we are dedicated to delivering top notch results that go beyond your expectations. Our focus on quality and meticulous attention, to detail set us apart.

Consider choosing IQtech for a personalized, attentive and top-quality experience that larger corporations may find challenging to match.

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