IQtech is a young, innovative and dynamic organization that specializes in engineering, development, installation and commissioning of electrical installations.

Industrial automation determines the performance of your installations. Substantive knowledge of your sector is therefore a condition for developing a solution. This is the reason for us to specialize in the maritime sector and the production sector. As a result, we have both industry knowledge and the latest technology. To guarantee the highest quality, our employees are trained and / or certified at a high level.

No matter how large, complex and / or international your project may be, you will always have one point of contact with us. One contact person who is substantively informed. In this way we combine structured project management with inspiring interaction

Why IQtech?

With IQtech you choose a business partner whom you can count on. We use two core aspects in our organization:

Very high quality

We call our customers “Relationships”! And to make it profitable for both parties quality is number 1 on all our checklists. This applies to all components that we purchase as well as to the products supplied by us.

Low costs, so low prices

Due to low accommodation costs and the efficient working method of our employees, we can keep production prices under control. This means that the selling price of both single and series products is low and competitive with us.